You are How you Vibrate

Somatic Enlightenment
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Authentic Movement
Cultivating Life Energy
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You are How you Vibrate

Health begins with firmness in body, deepens to emotional stability, then leads to intellectual clarity, wisdom, and finally the unveiling of the soul. Indeed health can be categorized in many ways. There is physical health, which we are all familiar with, but there is also moral health, mental health, intellectual health, and even the health of our consciousness, health of our conscience, and ultimately divine health. These are relative to and depend upon the stage of consciousness we are at. The True Nature of Health ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Assimilation through Resonance
Integrating Humanity With Soul

Master your senses, what you taste and smell, what you see, what you hear.
In all things be a master of what you do and say and think. Be free.
Are you quiet? Quieten your body. Quieten your mind.
By your own efforts Waken yourself, watch yourself, And live joyfully.
Follow the truth of the way. Reflect upon it. Make it your own. Live it.
It will always sustain you. ~From the Dhammapada

Whole Self wellbeing is about being connected to the Ecology of the Spirit in Nature. Nature is an energetic expression of Spirit that pervades All life. Sensory attractions are an aspect of how Nature communicates. At birth we are all born part Nature (Spirit) with intact natural sensory attractions that when left upon our own accord guides free form creativity or free will. While these natural senses are present at birth, they must be exercised or developed and even protected to maintain connection with the non-verbal communication system of the planet. The non-verbal communication system of the planet is a web like matrix. Creating the web-like matrix are "webstrings" or filaments of light. These are the conduits that carry the intelligent life energy from one life form to another creating a shared matrix of bio-spiritual information. This shared matrix forms the web of life.

Information is garnered through our sense attractions. “As with everything else in Nature, each natural sense and sensitivity plays a role in surviving. Each bit of information signals something special about our relationship with the natural world that exists in ourselves, each other and the environment. That signal is part of life itself. The communication system of our planet consists of an immediate, growing, ever-branching network of differing connective attractions of, by, and from the creation force in Nature. Each natural sense is an intelligence in and of itself. It is wise to use this intelligence to build good relationships.” (Michael J. Cohen, Reconnecting with Nature, 3rd Ed).

Imagine these lines of communication (webstrings) as an umbilicus from Earth sentience to each life in Nature. And that like any loving Mother when a child separates from Nature’s essentials (sustenance) she assures that her offspring is self sufficient with survival skills or is genetically encoded with natural attraction sensitivities to maintain connection to those essentials. Fulfillment of these essentials interconnects the natural world as a community and thereby provides sustenance for All.

Earth is not dead. The planet we call Home is a sentient superorganism that self regulates in concord with the life forms that inhabit her body through collective blending, melding and the interconnecting of diverse mineral, plant and animal specie, and human cultures, to ecologically balance and sustain the life that inhabits her. The consciousness of Mother Earth that connects and communicates (communes) with her life residents knows each and every one of us. She sees illumined humans as waves forms, squiggles of luminous energy and offers safe harbor to those who vibrate to her perceptual faculties.

This may help us to trust and understand that this reciprocal relationship that requires us to be empathically rooted in Nature and intimately allied to other species, arises to express and optimize the integral properties of the whole. The Nature of Earth is Love and humanity as Nature is equally an expression of that Love. It is faith and love that saves. All else, is a matter of indifference. Human error!

Image: Alchemical marriage between Goddess Sophia, Earth & the Sun.

Participating in Nature intelligence and simple observation of Natures processes elucidates the ecological fact that not only do we receive our instinctual survival drives from the creation force in Nature, but also the moral sense of kindness and cooperation. When our lives are Nature-connected and psychologically attuned to the loving wisdom of the Earth, we return to Love and the abode of reason - of greater sense-ability.

In addition, by joining consciousness with Nature’s archival wisdom, the Living Library, we have access to blueprints from eons of biological experiences and relationships held within the global life community. Most interesting, is that these natural sensory attractions that inform life systems also form and sustain our genetic makeup. This gives us information about our hereditary blueprint, of the Nature centered thinking of people who lived this way for over 50,000 years. It also lends vital clue on how to rewire our inner matrices, expand our consciousness through this shared matrix; to make conscious contact with the Living intelligence of the Organic Light (Aeon Sophia), the Soul of the planet, to experience full somatic enlightenment and finally, to fulfill our co-evolutionary Soul potential through Natural law of her Divine impulse that is ever unfolding.

Alisa Battaglia©2013

Article: Bridge Building


A Community of Nations with Earth Herself Overlighted with Spirit

Global Awakening of Truth, Life Integrity and Self-Sovereignty through Group Power

Is it a fact - or have I dreamt it - that, by means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great nerve, vibrating thousands of miles in a breathless point of time? ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

Alisa Battaglia,©2017

Christic Intercession


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed it's the only thing that ever has."
~Margaret Mead

Spirit has overlighted me for decades as a scribe of "Wisdom" or sacred information. The "overlighting" experience has raised my vibration, expanded my consciousness that has allowed me to partition the veils of illusion for inner revelation.
One such clarion call in particular concerns Planet Earth and her inhabitiants returning to a spiritual rule of living, thus bringing in the formulation of intuition and true wisdom as the foundation of a new planetary ethic. It is a call to collectively initiate our illumined hearts as points of light into exponential power in order to give birth to a new structure of expanded vibrational consciousness. Love is the healing "balm." LOVE is the participatory antidote that can heal the wounds of our long-standing alienation from the natural world. It is only a return to a heart-centric consciousness that offers hope for renewal amidst widespread cultural, environmental and Spiritual deterioration.

"Love is the beacon for alignment, an activation to a greater gestalt."

Love is the balm of the life seeded into the human heart and buried within Spiritual Will. Humanity holds the power to anchor the germ of livingness from the Planetary Heart, while dissolving the dark forces of evil and psychopathic destruction to hold space for the good, the beautiful and the True in Love and in Life. Inevitably, the building and the destroying processes overlap and points of tension arise between them, while the consciousness that has conditioned human thinking is reformatted into a new template of living. These are the current workings of Pleromic relay - the grounding of Spirit into matter. Of Humanity in Love with Life and Our Life-Giving Creator and the One upon which we live, move and have our Being.

The human family (Anthropos 11) is the representative to usher in the new vibrational cycle of freedom and interdependence of all people through fellowship and harmony in order to elevate the status of the collective human Soul to an egalitarian consciousness and thus, realize the Soul of the Earth as a Love based Planet. While humanity is intimately conjoined with Gaia-Sophia (Earth) by aligning in her attention, SHE will ultimately decide the vibrational shift. Those consciously aligned in her vibration are aware of the bifurcation of timelines: organic and inorganic (matrix timeline). This leap is equally so for Gaia in relationship to other planetary bodies. All life is evolving on the Great Spiral. Influences,
both visible and invisible, are assisting all sentient beings on all the levels and realms to co-evolve into higher modes of expression and to eventually unify with Divine Spirit as part of the Galactic body's larger Kosmic evolution. However, for humanity to be overlighted with Divine Grace certain consciousness shifts are necessary for success. 1 - Educated understanding of the mechanics of the personality structure and the ability to move beyond its reflex activity and addictive vision, our attention can be directed at will in any desired manner. Here we come to revelation of Self as Creator and we "know" that the work of this evolutionary cycle entails repeating what Source has already done...that we must ourselves re-create in both consciousness and life, all that was originally given and return to the "Garden" of our "pristine origins" - our divine heritage. Such revelation or spheres of awareness comes in three stages: Individual, in group formation and via the collective endeavor of the human family.

An inwardly focused Presence aligned with its inner Master, takes a stance of a soldier and holds the courage of a Warrior, is able to make higher contacts through the Soul via the medium of a line of spiritual energy. Such line of energy along the dimensions acts as a series of connective links or bridges where we observe and act from a higher vantage point to assure victory. Love and the Supernatural operate at the same frequency!

Intentional alignment of collective actions that affirms the Spirit in life has the power to redirect and disarm the Death Urge Agendas that plague humanity. In our new world in love with the Spirit in Nature dark energies dissolve, as the two energies can not coexist on the same plane. The stage of aspiring, fantasizing and wishful thinking must now be superceded by direct action and carefully planned use of available forces, swept into activty by the breath, under the direction of the inner eye and controlled by the Spiritual heart. With the hearts center open to greater sensitivity - compassion and understanding - the line of Spiritual energies flow through with ease, like a hollow bone. The heart center is the corridor through which all energies are to pass. Holding focus with the Spiritual or inner eye, we begin to exercise our powerful creative faculties to formulate images (thought forms) at the etheric level and symbols in speech to express events and happenings in the world with hope and spiritual expectancy of their manifestation is a powerful co-creative tool. By applying the triune nature - of mind, will and feeling - to focal points combined with feelingful visualization, tremendous power is produced to create effects.

People of All Nations Gather Round

As the whole is made up of individuals, group human consciousness comes into play, but with each on their own unique paths, each with their own talents, knowledge and wisdom. The more people pulling in the same direction towards Love/goodwill, harmony and balance, together we can alter the shift in the current planetary course in the 6th extinction phase. Hence, the evolution of the Earth Soul is dependent upon the evolution of human participants that function from ensouled awareness. To change the future we must change ourselves in the present. Changing our realities requires us to transform the manner in which we relate to our Selves, and to the people, Nature and to our immediate environment. Holding an inwardly focused presence, imagine a new reality NOW and see the world anew. One that is constructive and harmonious for the world to be a happier, brighter, more peaceful, more secure place to live in and then contribute those loving energies to affect this goal.

The new energy pattern to support ALL LIFE upon New Earth is characterized by three things: connectivity, cooperation & goodwill. The Law of Harmony reminds us to honor and respect life in all the Kingdoms of Nature as we take into account our true measure of need on Earth beautiful. As part of our evolutionary responsibility to planet Earth for supporting a multitude of life forms for billions of years, we are to develop a long-term outlook towards maintaining and preserving her productive environmental resources. Like the great American Indian Seers have spoken...make decisions with seven generations in mind.

Limitless Total Love is a spiritual quality, a Quality of the Absolute. Love, when encompassed in thought, word and action has the ability to disarm and override the psychopathy of evil - all levels of divisive consciousness as it peels the layers of greed, avarice and disharmony into empathy absorbs lesser with the higher frequency of Love. Love is a transformational power with NO limits. While we are created out of love, how to consciously produce that feeling at will requires major practice until it becomes an automatic response, an integral part of our thoughts, words and actions to any and all situations. Live in such a way that Love informs every action. This cohering process is a major part of our evolution as a species. Attune the Heart to produce greater connectivity, cooperation and goodwill within. The spiritual purification process on both the individual and Kosmic level has already begun. Many across the planet are unifying in effort via magnetic attraction of Loves frequency to commune in the etheric streaming emanating from the SPIRITUAL HEART.

As Leaders of the FUTURE NOW, we are co-creating within the Heart matrix. The Inner Round Focus Group invokes and expands the energies of Love into the etheric planetary template utilizing an energy vortex to attune and align with the "invisible Hands" aiding our evolutionary pathway. Heed the clarion call, "Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." ~Matt. 18:20

Not everyone is a visionary, but everyone has a purpose. Align on purpose with those whose vision supports your best strengths and together create a synergy of mass enumeration to fulfill the need of the moment. In numbers there is great strength!

We invite placement of your Love and creative spiritual energies to help catalyze
into manifestation the NEW Planetary Ethic and new archetypes for a Spiritual Humanity. To wholly break free from the dominator systems inorganic timeline for "permanent anchoring to our Spiritul roots in the Garden."

NOTE: "Christ,"
is the overlighting Divine presence of Love that holds life. Our Christed Self is our God-essence that refers to our indwelling essence that is a vehicle for pure consciousness. I AM THAT I AM

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Alisa Battaglia©2013
Walk the Path of Action

Why We Are Here

Forging An Alliance

Because the world we had imagined, the one
we had always counted on is disappearing.
Because the sun has become cancerous
and the planet is getting hotter.
Because children are starving in the shadows
of yachts and economic summits.
Because there are already too many planes in the sky.

This is the manufactured world
you have come to codify and expedite.
We have come to tell you
there is something else we want to buy.

What we want, money no longer recognizes
like the vitality of nature, the integrity of work.
We don't want cheaper wood, we want living trees.
We don't want engineered fruit, we want to see and smell the food growing
in our own neighborhoods.

We are here because a voice inside us,
a memory in our blood, tells us
you are not just a trade body, you are the blind tip
of a dark wave which has forgotten its source.
We are here to defend and honor
what is real, natural, human and basic
against this rising tide of greed.

We are here by the insistence of spirit and the authority of nature.
If you doubt for one minute the power of truth
or the primacy of nature
try not breathing for that length of time.

Now you know the pressure of our desire.
We are not here to tinker with your laws.
We are here to change you from the inside out.
This is not a political protest.
It is an uprising of the soul.

By David Brower for the World Trade Organization Summit, Seattle 1999


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